How Does it work?

Don't get stuck in the paper/sticker brain freeze,
you can store just about every embellishment known to
scrapping in your ScrapRack .

Organize by alphabet, event, color, etc. There's no need to replace what
you've got, any three-hole punched item will fit.

The more you load the better it works. Will hold 7 or 8 full Spinders.

Scrapping has never been so organized and easy!

Going to a crop or class is easy with The ScrapRack System. Simply
remove the Spinders you want to take from your base unit, press them
onto the Velcro strip in your Travel Pack , load up your pens, tools, and
paper trimmer and off you go. When you return home, unpacking is easy,
take the Spinder(s) out of your TravelPack, replace them on the base
unit and you're done! No more Packing and UnPacking, Organizing and
Re-organizing, when you use The ScrapRack system you are organized when you travel in the same way you are at home.

See Assembly Animation

Any questions, please email, Donelle

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