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The Rack is a metal base which sits on your desk at a comfortable tilt. The tilted design allows you to view all your supplies quickly and easily. When fully open the rack is approximately 3 feet long and 14 inches deep. The face of the base unit is covered with commercial strength velcro, ready to accomodate up to 8 Spinders, 400 organizer pages and thousands - maybe millions - of supplies. WOW! All that in just three feet!
Our Storage Pages are special and oversized for easy use - but you don't have to start over. You can use any standard 3-hole puched page or item - Creative Memories, Crop in Style, Baseball card holders, etc. Even your 3-hole punched templates and ideas will fit in the spinders. You REALLY can organize everything on the rack!

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The Spinders are a specially designed 3 ring unit. Each Spinder has an industrial strength 3 ring mechanism which fits all standard 3 hole punched products. Our spinders have "close tight rings" and also feature double locking tabs. The Spinders adhere to the base unit with commercial grade velcro. The velcro is secured to the Spinder with both rivets and epoxy. Each base unit can accomodate up to 8 Spinders.


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* 3 Reinforced Mesh Pockets * 12 Pen Loops * 1 Personal Paper Trimmer Pocket * 1 Large Magazine/Paper Pocket * 1 Shoulder Strap Included

The TravelPack is our own unique design. Use it to travel easily from home to crops and classes. To use your TravelPack, simply remove 1 or 2 loaded Spinders from your base unit, adhere them to the interior velcro spine of the TravelPack, add your favorite tools, zip the TravelPack closed and off you go! We've incorporated several great features like a pocket designed just for your personal paper trimmer, 12 pen holders, 3 reinforced mesh pockets that allow you to bring scissors, punches, adhesives, and anything else you need when you scrap away from home. When you return home, remove the Spinders from the TravelPack, replace them on your base unit and your workspace is back to being organized. Worried about spilling your well organized supplies when you travel? The handles for the TravelPack are located on the top so tipping it upside down is almost impossible (but no guarentees)! Every TravelPack includes a shoulder strap at no extra charge.

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* Unique Flap - Patent Pending * Photo Safe - Acid Free * 4 Great Designs

Storage Pages are designed with ease in mind. Each pocket has it's own Patented, Unique flap closure. As you organize your supplies, you choose to use or not use the flap, depending on what you store and your personal preferences. The crescent cut flap shape allows great ease in loading and unloading the pockets. Storage pages are offered in 4 designs.
Supersized Single - Our "bigger is better" page! One large pocket cut to hold any 12 x 12 paper. Each Supersized page easily holds 24 sheets of paper. 10 pages per pack.
Double XLong - Two long pockets stretch horizontally across this storage page. Border diecuts and stickers fit easily in these extra long pockets.10 pages per pack
Perfect Six - Six "bigger then 4x6" pockets. Ideal for holding your photos and stickers and die cuts. 10 pages per pack
Dream Dozen - 12 great pockets, 8 - 3x3 pockets - ideal for small embellishments and stickers, and 4 - 3x6 pockets for your long narrow stickers and die cuts.10 pages per pack
Can't decide which page is best for you? Try our ValuPack. The ValuPack includes 20 pages, 5 of each design.

SPECIALIZING in "HERITAGE" and "PATRIOTIC"-related items, as well as some very "UNIQUE" products you will not find in most chain stores or most local scrapbook stores!!!

As your “guiding light”, we will continue in our search through cyberspace, magazines and wholesale catalogs, as well as staying in constant contact with current vendors for new items, and contacting new manufacturers with new products as they come to the Scrapbooking market. Thus, we can select the latest styles and trends in fun, exclusive and unique products, techniques, ideas and designs. And bring them to you at reasonable prices!!

Thank you, in advance, for allowing us to be your “guiding light” helping you to preserve and showcase your family’s most precious lifetime memories, memoirs and heritage. Your business is always appreciated; we love having you as our customer. Our way of showing our thanks is by keeping our prices down, having frequent sales and a free gift with every order.

Come on in!!! Relax and take your time looking around our store.

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